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If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s aging and troublesome heating system to improve comfort and save on energy bills, market conditions including rising oil and gas prices and significant but temporary incentives make it valuable to act now.

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Boilers heat.
Air Conditioners cool.
Heat Pumps do BOTH!

Precise, room by room temperature control

Built in filtration system to improve indoor air quality

2-5x more efficient than furnaces, boilers or window A/Cs

Easy maintenance with no single point of failure

A singular, trusted point of contact through the project’s completion and beyond.

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Begin with a free energy assessment to know where your home stands, including potential local fines and regulations.


BlocPower engineers bring decades of expertise to design the optimal solution for your home’s unique needs.


From low interest financing, to volume-discounted procurement, to maximizing complex incentives—that’s our job.


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