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A software and data toolkit to turn your city's building electrification goals into climate action

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Who is using BlocMaps?

Sustainability leaders in municipal governments
Program managers at energy utilities
Elected officials

Leverage building and climate justice data to customize a beneficial electrification program for your city. A one-stop-shop for equitable decarbonization, with data-driven efficiency.

Stretch Program Dollars Further

Spend less on analysis and more on implementation
Prioritize buildings that meet your goals

Build a Case for Funding

Simulate impact on climate and environmental justice goals
Built-in public engagement tools with data visualization help you develop trust faster
Accelerate buy-in for full-scale program with key stakeholders
Build a data-backed, accessible plan to decarbonize your city

Scale Quickly, Measure Impact

Data powers faster program design, approval and resourcing
Focus on low-hanging fruit to get tangible wins faster
Machine learning models scale learning and impact
Data supports more effective program implementation through BlocPower


Simulate program impact and cost
Flexible data modeling
Data-driven building targeting
Credible materials for stakeholder engagement

Example Impact Metrics

  • Total buildings retrofitted
  • Total households impacted
  • Total energy cost savings for building owners and tenants
  • Average annual energy cost savings
  • Tons of avoided carbon emissions
  • Dollar valuation of carbon credits
  • Total jobs created
  • Average salary indexed to living wages
  • Total contractors in ecosystem
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