Building electrification is complex, but the health, climate and financial returns are enormous; BlocPower helps your community get it done.

Decarbonizing buildings—by replacing fossil fuel-burning furnaces and appliances with modern heat pump technology—improves comfort and indoor air quality while reducing emissions, costs, and energy use. BlocPower™ can prepare your city for a clean energy future. 


Turn-key enablement of building electrification

  • We combine big data analysis and our proprietary BlocMaps software to identify electrification targets based on potential for energy, cost, and carbon savings as well as environmental justice remediation
  • Together with local stakeholders, we identify and execute pilot projects
  • Based on pilot learnings, we finetune incentives and scope against impact metrics, then leverage our low-cost capital for large-scale deployment

Low-friction delivery of complex projects

  • Our 1,200+ projects include single-family homes, multi-family co-ops, public housing, and houses of worship
  • We bring accessible financing to Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI)  buildings with $0-down leases, structured so that forecasted energy savings offset or exceed monthly payments. Unlike PACE,  no lien is placed on the property
  • From weatherproofing to electrical upgrades to asbestos abatement, we complete comprehensive retrofits
A selection of our completed retrofit projects.
Click to learn more about their financial, environmental, and social benefits.

Single Family Home
Air Source Heat Pumps
aerial view of NYC apartment bguildings
House of Worship
Oil Boiler Conversion
rooftop photo of a NYC building with a Wi-Fi community antenna installed
Affordable Co-Op
Electrification + Solar

Economic development and climate action through an equity lens: a win-win-win

  • Electrification creates high-paying local jobs, reinforces community investment, and broadens the tent for wealth creation via the clean energy economy
  • Electrification can address issues of economic and environmental justice, benefiting financially underserved communities facing high energy burdens and the negative health effects of indoor air pollution
  • Buildings represent 40% of GhG emissions nationwide and often more in cities; electrification is the solution

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bring BlocPower to my city?

Please click here to get in touch with us and provide information on your city's objectives around electrification, emissions reduction, affordable housing, or workforce development!

How is BlocPower’s lease different than PACE or ESCO?

PACE (and Commercial PACE [CPACE]) is designed to enable a path to finance clean energy improvements. While it does not require a high credit score, it does place lien on the building, resulting in negative outcomes in many cases.
ESCOs target large commercial buildings and portfolios. This portfolio & commercial service leaves unserved market, and also controls customer use, which can lead to a lack of comfort.

BlocPower's lease, often and Energy Service Agreement, is designed to make the savings, health benefits, and comfort from electrification accessible to LMI customers.

- $0-down financing option
- Holistic approach to credit ratings
- No lien placed on home or building — ever
- Flexible capital to address deferred maintenance

Please read more about BlocPower's Energy Service Agreements by clicking here.