Future-proofing and decarbonizing cities of all sizes, by making buildings greener, smarter, healthier, all electric and more valuable.

Partner with BlocPower™ to electrify your city’s buildings, close the digital divide, and create living wage green jobs—all with a focus on economic and environmental justice.

Your City’s Partner for a Just Transition
We electrify residential and small commercial buildings in hard-to-reach communities with turnkey project management services, innovative technology and inclusive financing products. We also build wealth throughout the communities we serve through Community WiFi and Workforce Development programs. 

Unprecedented Energy Efficiency Results in NYC
In our hometown of New York City, we partnered with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability on a Community Retrofit Program to deliver energy efficiency retrofits to 1000+ underserved buildings, completing the program goals 1 year ahead of schedule. 
“What Donnel and his crew have done is to do the thinking for us. This may seem like a small project, but this is a picture through which you can see a better future. They made it easier for us to do what’s right by ourselves but also by our children, our grandchildren, and the whole planet.” 

- President Bill Clinton


BlocPower partners with cities and municipalities that are interested in an equity-focused approach to electrifying and retrofitting existing buildings in their community at scale. 

Turnkey Project Management

To meet the strategic goals of the Ithaca Green New Deal and enable a just transition, The City of Ithaca, New York, selected BlocPower to act as a partner and Program Manager. 

Ithaca’s multi-year, Energy Efficiency and Electrification Program will target 6,000 residential and commercial buildings, with emphasis on serving disadvantaged communities.

BlocPower has partnered with a number of local community groups and contractor partners to support the upcoming implementation.

Better Technology for Better Outcomes

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) engaged BlocPower to implement software for a strategic city-wide building electrification program. 

BlocPower delivered BlocMaps Philly, a digital model and database of Philadelphia multi-family buildings with information about the potential for energy savings interventions in those properties. 

The modeling uses public and private building data, including energy benchmarking data, building audit reports, and utility bill history. This work is part of PEA’s 10 year Philadelphia Energy Campaign to stimulate $1 billion of clean energy investment and create 10,000 jobs in Philadelphia municipal, school district, residential, and commercial properties.

“BlocPower is a firm that's doing amazing work, that's socially conscious, that is trying to solve multiple problems at once through their work, and I really appreciate that, giving opportunity, addressing the climate crisis at the same time.” 

- Mayor Bill de Blasio


Green Workforce Development

New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) and BlocPower are partnering to create NYC's Civilian Climate Corps.

The $37 million program aims to make the city and its residents greener, smarter, healthier and safer, by providing climate tech career opportunities to 1,500 individuals from gun violence and poverty stricken neighborhoods across the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Community-Owned Wi-Fi 

BlocPower is working with the Mayor’s Office and Kapor Capital on a feasibility study of Community Wi-Fi in Oakland, CA designed to provide affordable internet access via a community-owned network to residents.

After finding that investment in municipal distribution and middle-mile fiber is needed to provide below-market rates to reach the remaining 2% of students and 20% of citizens without full digital access, BlocPower has proposed and begun piloting a community-owned hybrid network.
“With POTUS’s whole-of-government approach on climate & our Build Back Better agenda, we need a diverse workforce ready to go. 

It’s exciting to see companies like BlocPower partnering with government to deliver clean energy technologies and train skilled workers in good paying jobs.” 

- EPA Administrator Michael Regan