Close the Digital Divide with BlocPOwer

BlocPower™ launched a community-owned mesh Wi-Fi network to close the digital divide in New York City neighborhoods that lack internet. Partner with us to do in your community.

*Free with Affordable Connectivity Program eligibility.

Our Model


As little as $15/month, no contract, and some residents & businesses qualify for free service!

Cooperative Community Ownership 

Residents, users, schools, non-profits and network employees own the network. 

Workforce Development 

We train and employ local workers as network technicians to keep the network thriving!
Benefits for Residents and Households

Affordable Internet for the Home

Major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have high prices and poor service. Our network offers free-to-low-cost Wi-Fi that includes resident network ownership.
Benefits for Building Owners and Operators

Affordable Internet for the Whole Building

Building owners and operators can support tenants and community members struggling with unavailable or expensive internet.
Benefits for City Officials & Community Leaders

Building in NYC
& Beyond 

BlocPower is going national — partner with BlocPower to join us in making cities smarter, greener and healthier — one building at a time.
When the pandemic hit, my kids had to camp outside McDonald’s just to attend classes. BlocPower made it possible for them to study at home.
BlocPower made it easy for me to provide high speed internet for all my tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We build hybrid networks, which share web connections through a neighborhood to spread the reach of a broadband connection. Most community members have client antennas and wireless routers—known as “nodes”—mounted on a rooftop or balcony, that links with other nodes, forming a network. Our network joins a "Supernode" to an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), an internet gateway, that is connected to commercial or municipal fiber for data backhaul. By consolidating the data to wholesale fiber connections, we can reduce the cost of the overall network by ensuring we are only paying for data our subscribers are using.

How many cities are you in?

We currently operate our network throughout New York City with plans to expand to Oakland, CA, Milwaukee, WI, Atlanta, GA, and other cities around the country through our local partners.

Will I need equipment?

Depending on the network architecture, subscribers might need both a rooftop client antenna and a wireless access point/router.

How fast will my connection be?

Our speeds are comparable to and often faster than local Internet Service Provider (ISP) speeds.
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