$10/Month For
Community Owned Wi-Fi

BlocPower™, with partners People’s Choice Communications + MetroIAF, has launched a community owned mesh Wi-Fi network to bring high quality broadband and WiFi to NYC neighborhoods that lack internet.

Sign Up Your City For Low Cost Community Owned Internet!

City Officials and Community Leaders 

Building Owners and Operators 

Do you own or operate a tall building in your community?

Do your tenants + community struggle with unavailable or expensive internet?

Our Model


We deliver this comprehensive package for $5 to $19/month.

Cooperative Community Ownership 

Residents, users, schools, non-profits and network employees OWN the network. 

Workforce Development 

We train and employ local workers as network technicians to keep the network thriving!

NYC and Beyond 

We are expanding to all 5 boroughs of New York City. We will expand to 100 cities across the country! Sign Your City Up!

Get Affordable Internet for Your Home in NYC! 

Major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have high prices and poor service. Our network offers free-to-low-cost wifi that includes resident network ownership.

How It Works

We build mesh networks, which share web connections through a neighborhood to spread the reach of a broadband connection. 

Most mesh community members have wireless routers--“nodes”--mounted on a rooftop or balcony, to connect to other nodes, forming a network. Our network connects with many other networks at an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), an internet gateway, providing direct access to the Internet without the intermediary of an expensive commercial Internet Service Provider. 

Typically, our mesh will be connected to a primary Internet exchange point through a superior node or “Supernode”. There are other ways of connecting to the gateway, like a public wifi access point kiosk you find in NYC. By using directional routers you can extend the range of public access points very easily.