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Hybrid Heating & Cooling for Buffalo National Fuel Customers

BlocPower is excited to partner with National Fuel to offer Buffalo customers hybrid heating and cooling—a great way to improve your comfort, increase your home's efficiency and your peace of mind. Enter your address below to get started.

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Turn your building into a Prius!
Pair a modern heat pump system a high-efficiency furnace.

Furnaces heat.
Air conditioners cool.
Heat pumps do both!

Precise, room by room temperature control

Built in filtration system to improve indoor air quality and health

Highly efficient versus window A/Cs or other alternatives

Easy maintenance with no single point of failure

A singular, trusted point of contact through the project’s completion and beyond.

Qualify Your Building

Fill out a brief questionnaire about your building and its heating and cooling systems.

Receive Custom Building Report

Instantly get a free, custom project analysis, estimated pricing and ability to schedule a call with a BlocPower representative.

Lease Proposal

Detailed proposed scope of work (SOW) and financing options.

Sign Contract

Agree to project plan, SOW and preferred method of financing.


BlocPower oversees your project to ensure high quality permitted, and on-time installation.

Peace of Mind

BlocPower handles maintenance and guarantees system performance for 15+ years.

BlocPower Lease Benefits

No money down,
no loan
Low, predictable monthly payments
Twice-yearly maintenance
No lien on building required — ever
15-year performance guarantee

We Make HVAC Upgrades Affordable to All

Big Incentives + $0/Down Financing

National Fuel and BlocPower are offering significant incentives to 1-4 unit multifamily buildings—Buffalo Doubles welcome!—including electric panel upgrades. Small commercial buildings qualify as well (get started here). A forced air furnace that is more than 10 years old is also a requirement.

These incentives help building owners significantly lower upfront costs and increase project affordability, especially when combined with BlocPower's no money down, low interest financing.

Through an Energy Service Agreement, building owners can stretch out project costs over 15 years, roughly the life of the heat pump system, with maintenance included. No upfront capital required, no lien on your building and easy approval process.

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About BlocPower

BlocPower is offering smart, all-electric heating, cooling, and hot water systems to building owners in Buffalo for no money down.

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