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BlocPower is excited to help you upgrade your homes and buildings and make them healthier! Please enter your address and answer a brief questionnaire to explore switching to an all-electric heat pump system for heating and cooling.

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With the Healthy Homes Program, 100 low- to moderate-income households in multifamily residences will have access to affordable building upgrades. There are cash incentives to replace gas appliances with electric induction stoves and heat pump heating and cooling systems specifically designed for cold climate performance. These improvements deliver health and economic benefits to families throughout Denver that need them most.

Our residents asked the city to take urgent action to address climate change when they voted to approve our Climate Protection Fund, and working with BlocPower on this important strategy to reduce emissions is aligned with that mission.

—Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock

The modern heat pump is a technological wonder.

Furnaces heat.
Air conditioners cool.
Heat pumps do both!

Precise, room by room temperature control

Built in filtration system to improve indoor air quality and health

2-5x more efficient than fossil fuel heating or window A/Cs

Easy maintenance with no single point of failure

Modern Heating & Cooling Benefits

Improve Health and Comfort
All-in-one heating & cooling systems in each unit ensure precise temperature control and year-round comfort.
Airflow is steady and quiet as a whisper.
Filters deliver healthy, purified air.
Non-combustion heating means cleaner air and lower asthma rates for you and the entire community.
Lower Your Operating Costs
Systems are famously efficient and low maintenance.
Smart monitoring ensures reliable performance.
Eliminate unpredictable, high gas bills and maintenance.
15-year performance guarantee included with the BlocPower lease.
Never use fossil fuels to power your home again!
Increase Your Home’s Value
Increased Net Operating Income (NOI) from energy efficiency.
Get a brand new modern heating & cooling system without putting any of your capital to work.
No money down for heating & cooling frees your cash for additional building improvements.

A singular, trusted point of contact through the project’s completion and beyond.

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BlocPower oversees your project to ensure high quality permitted, and on-time installation.

Peace of Mind

BlocPower handles maintenance and guarantees system performance for 15+ years.

BlocPower Lease Benefits

No money down,
no loan
Low, predictable monthly payments
Twice-yearly maintenance
No lien on building required — ever
15-year performance guarantee

About BlocPower

BlocPower is offering smart, all-electric heating, cooling, and hot water systems to home & building owners in Denver for no money down.

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