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BlocPower™ is excited to partner with you on this historic project. We are in the planning phase and aim to begin work in a few months. Click below to join the waitlist: 

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BlocPower co-founders Keith Kinch and Donnel Baird speak to Mayor Myrick, the Common Council and residents of the City of Ithaca

We put community-based organizations at the forefront of our work. In Ithaca, we will form a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to collaborate on the work we do to benefit the community. The board will be composed of neighborhood advocates, religious and community leaders, contractors, workers and residents.

Members join our CABs to see real change in their community. We share values and overlap in our missions—clean air, healthy homes, jobs and access in the communities we live in and serve. If you would like to help our work in the Ithaca community, we hope to hear from you.

This is the first step in our evaluation and selection process.

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