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With over 1,000 projects completed in New York City, we can help you precisely heat or cool any space with a modern, ENERGY STAR rated heat pump. Upgrade your comfort today.

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Heat pumps fast becoming NYC's #1 choice for HVAC

Boilers heat.
Air Conditioners cool.
Heat Pumps do both!

Precise, room by room temperature control

Built in filtration system to improve indoor air quality

2-5x more efficient than furnaces, boilers or window A/Cs

Easy maintenance with no single point of failure

Mitigate Local Law 97 fines, lower costs and improve comfort

Improve Health and Comfort
Heat pumps offer all-in-one heating & cooling systems in each unit to ensure precise comfort and control year-round.
Airflow is steady and quiet as a whisper.
Heat pump filters deliver healthy, purified air.
Heat pumps don't burn fossil fuels, which means cleaner air and lower asthma rates for the entire community.
Lower Your Operating Costs
Heat pump systems are famously efficient and low maintenance.
Smart monitoring ensures reliable performance.
Eliminate oil delivery, bills, and maintenance costs.
15-year performance guarantee included with the BlocPower Lease.
Never buy heating oil, propane, or natural gas again.
Increase Your Building’s Value
Increased Net Operating Income (NOI) from energy efficiency.
Building value will increase by 5-12%.
Get a brand new modern heat pump heating & cooling system without putting any of your capital to work.
No money down for heat pump heating & cooling frees your cash for additional building improvements.

Qualify your building and get a custom report in 60 seconds

Complete your heat pump project for $0/down.

No money down
No loan
Low, predictable monthly payments
Regular maintenance included
No lien on building required — ever
15-year performance guarantee

A trusted partner through the project’s completion & beyond.

Energy Consultant

Begin with a free energy assessment to know where your building stands, including potential local fines and regulations.


BlocPower engineers bring decades of expertise to design the optimal solution for your building’s unique needs.


From low interest financing, to volume-discounted procurement, to maximizing complex incentives—that’s our job.


Trust our vetted, job-tested, proven construction crews to get your project done right, on budget and on schedule.

Partner for life

Remote monitoring and ongoing maintenance come standard, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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Heat pump heating, cooling and hot water systems for $0/down.

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