Introducing: BlocPower’s Next Generation
Environmental Offsets

The future of carbon offsets, energy savings, and environmental justice is on the blockchain! 

We are proud to share our new protocol for environmental justice carbon offset tokens. These tokens represent additive energy savings and offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by BlocPower’s retrofit projects in American communities in need of environmental justice. 

Using blockchain technology, these tokens introduce a new standard of transparency and traceability to the entire carbon offsets market. 

About Our Protocol

Our protocol creates the foundation for decentralized, environmental finance, or “E-DeFi”, where tokenized environmental commodities can be minted and traded through blockchain technology. This protocol addresses rampant systemic issues in registering, verifying, tracing, commodifying, pricing, and selling carbon offsets and energy savings certificates. 

Our vision: align financial incentives with supporting verifiably additive, sustainable projects, and accelerate environmental equity across marginalized communities globally. 

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Our Vision

Watch our CEO Donnel speak at the ARPA-E Innovation Summit about our new Carbon Offsets and the BlocPower™ vision for the future of green building infrastructure.