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BlocPower™ partners with city, state and federal governments, energy utility companies, tech companies, corporations, nonprofits, and financial institutions to address issues at the intersection of climate change, workforce + diverse supplier development, economic impact, health, and environmental justice.

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Carbon Emissions Reduction

BlocPower’s electrification, energy efficiency retrofits, and solar upgrades in buildings all decrease carbon emissions reductions, helping organizations achieve targets necessary for addressing climate change. Enabled by BlocPower software, our turnkey project design, financing and construction management gives building owners access to high-value services, appliances and outcomes with no initial investment.

Environmental Justice

BlocPower™ partners with organizations to address the environmental justice needs of communities, employees, vendors and other stakeholders. Using BlocPower machine learning software and custom financial products, BlocPower enables organizations to implement targeted environmental justice programming and provide focused impact to benefit vulnerable communities.

Carbon Credits

Using third-party verification and blockchain technology, BlocPower creates and offers environmentally just carbon offsets for building electrification and renewable and energy efficiency retrofit projects.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Energy efficiency and building electrification improve indoor air quality, which measurably improves respiratory and overall health outcomes for building residents. BlocPower projects reduce asthma attacks, remove mold, remove lead and asbestos, resulting in reduced health impact in underserved buildings. In California, we are helping buildings to have clean backup power to provide electricity to medical devices during blackouts. 

Community Connectivity and Resilience

Impact Investing

Workforce Development

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