$10 Per Month High Speed Internet (Seriously!)

$10 Per Month High Speed Internet (Seriously!)

Last year, BlocPower launched a community owned mesh Wi-Fi network to bring high quality broadband and WiFi to NYC neighborhoods that lack internet, in partnership with People’s Choice Communications and MetroIAF.

We are now focused on getting the word out to New Yorkers, as we rapidly rapidly increase our offering of low cost high speed internet throughout New York City—where an astounding 29% of households do not have internet at home.

Our cooperatively owned community Wi-Fi is available for just $10 per month, and there is no contract required. We know it sounds too good to be true, especially if you have ever been hit with a surprise overcharge from “big ISP.” 

But this is no scam. We are dedicated to closing the digital divide and democratizing access to low cost, high speed internet. 

Ready to sign your home up for $10/month high speed internet? See if you are in our service area or help us bring BlocPower community Wi-Fi to your neighborhood. 

$10 per month Wi-Fi sounds like a scam. How does it work?

Here at BlocPower, we build hybrid networks, which share web connections through a neighborhood to spread the reach of a broadband connection. Most community members have client antennas and wireless routers—known as “nodes”—mounted on a rooftop or balcony, that link with other nodes, forming a network. 

Our network joins a "supernode" to an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), an internet gateway, that is connected to commercial or municipal fiber for data backhaul. 

By consolidating the data to wholesale fiber connections, we can reduce the cost of the overall network by ensuring we are only paying for data our subscribers are using. And, our speeds are comparable to and often faster than local Internet Service Provider (ISP) speeds.

Learn more about our offering here. We are excited to provide high speed, low cost ($10 per month) Wi-Fi internet access to a growing service area. It is easy to sign up, and if we are not available in your building yet, you can let us know you want access! 

Sill not convinced? Here’s what they’re saying about us in the news:

Think Local About the Digital Divide: DIY internet projects like this one in the Bronx may help us get more Americans online —New York Times, December 4, 2020

Organizations like BlocPower pay fees to gain access to existing internet lines owned by cable or phone companies, and antennas installed on high spots like rooftops pass the internet signals from point to point. Wireless receivers installed inside residences or commercial buildings carry the signals farther. In these types of systems, typically called mesh internet, each new antenna makes the internet connections for everyone stronger and more reliable.

Brooklyn-based cleantech startup bringing rooftop Wi-Fi to 100,000 Bronx residentsThe Hill, September 27, 2021

An energy startup based in New York City known for “turning buildings into Teslas” is about to roll out free and low-cost Wi-Fi to about 100,000 new users in the Bronx. The company, BlocPower, is installing “mesh networking antennae” on the rooftops of multifamily high-rises, churches and charter school buildings throughout the South Bronx. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi networks, which use a single router and provide service to a limited area, a mesh network includes a group of “nodes” that communicate with each other — in this case, via rooftops — to enhance coverage.

New York City to Close Digital Divide for 1.6 Million Residents, Advance Racial Equity — Mayor’s Office of the City of New York, October 28, 2021

Today, the City is announcing that it will reach up to 1.6 million New Yorkers in the next 36 months by using $157 million to build publicly owned, open-access broadband infrastructure. The City is also designating a wide range of companies -- large and small, including multiple M/WBEs -- to provide fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity options to an additional 70,000 NYCHA residents and 150,000 residents in the surrounding communities by early 2022.

Sign up today for our community Wi-Fi and get connected to high speed, low cost ($10 per month) Wi-Fi internet.

Case Study: Bringing Wi-Fi Access to the South Bronx

Although the “digital divide” is not a new phenomenon, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the issue back into the headlines. In a matter of weeks, millions of students across the United States were suddenly going to school over the internet in virtual classrooms. 

BlocPower sprung into action, focusing on communities in need in New York City. We are especially proud of our partnership with the Mexican Coalition in the South Bronx. 

Remarks from Project Leadership: 

Jairo Guzman, President, Mexican Coalition. 

The South Bronx remains the poorest congressional district in the United States. Many of the residents of the South Bronx lack access to quality health care, they lack access to quality education, and they lack the means to get into the superhighway.

Keith Kinch, co-founder and General Manager, BlocPower:

For many homes, it’s either Wi-Fi or food, or Wi-Fi or medication, so how can they search for jobs, deal with their health, help their children learn. We are bridging the divide. We provide infrastructure, we provide capital, and we provide a team to build out the Wi-Fi systems, and then work with local partners to make sure that those that are underserved can have access. This is something you can do at a fraction of the cost to install.

Click here to get connected to high speed, low cost ($10 per month) internet.