Easy 3 Step Guide to Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance

Easy 3 Step Guide to Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintaining an Air Source Heat Pump System for Optimal Performance

Congrats on installing your new clean heating and cooling system with BlocPower! Thank you for investing in a modern, all-electric, clean heat pump for a greener and healthier future. 

We are in the business of efficiency and reliability, especially when it comes to heating and cooling your space, which is why our customers always have maintenance included in their package (typically for 5 years longer than the equipment warranty.) But it’s important to do your own system check ups a little more frequently — ideally every month. This is true whether your home or building is using a mini-split or VRF heat pump system. 

Don’t worry - the process is very simple. 

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3 Step Guide to Heat Pump Maintenance:

1. Turn the unit off 

For safety reasons, the unit shouldn’t be running when you are doing monthly maintenance. 

2. Indoor heat pump unit: Clean the filters with soap and water

First, remove the outer panel. Under the outer panel, there is a curved filter. Remove the curved filter and gently wash with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry the filters before placing them back in your indoor heat pump. Cleaning filters on a monthly basis ensures peak efficiency year-round. 

3. Outdoor heat pump unit: Spray the front grill and side with water 

Outdoor heat pump maintenance is quick and simple. The front grill tends to collect dirt and dust, reducing efficiency. Spraying with water will easily clean off any unwanted debris on your outdoor heat pump. In addition to equipment efficiency, cleaning the outdoor unit supports the heat pumps’ ability to purify air

Please watch the video below for a heat pump maintenance demonstration from Evan Montilla, BlocPower’s Assistant Construction Manager:

Improve your building’s air quality with an air source heat pump system from BlocPower.

Heat pumps are excellent air purifiers. By constantly circulating air, the systems provide dependable improvements in indoor air quality. And the benefits don’t stop there—they’re much more sustainable and cost-effective than fossil fuel systems.  

BlocPower specializes in heat pump system design and installation. Since 2012, our team has completed energy projects in over 1,200 buildings and our proprietary software provides building owners with advanced monitoring tools for tracking energy consumption and optimizing efficiency.

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