National Grid’s Total Home Comfort Program: An Easy Win for Your Comfort & Your Wallet

National Grid’s Total Home Comfort Program: An Easy Win for Your Comfort & Your Wallet

Insulating and air sealing your home is a profitable and comfortable upgrade.

BlocPower and National Grid are here to help

Winter breeze blowing through your living room? Summer cooling bills through the roof? If you’re like this homeowner, the Total Home Comfort Program might be your solution. 

Jason from South Brooklyn improved his home’s comfort and reduced energy bills with the help of BlocPower and National Grid’s Total Home Comfort Program.  

The Problem: A lack of insulation was creating an uncomfortable living environment and wasting energy

“We experienced a cold winter and the house was pretty drafty. We wanted to find energy efficient ways to keep the home heated.”

The Solution: Install installation throughout the walls of the home and utilize rebates for savings

“Through National Grid and BlocPower, we were able to have all of our exterior walls insulated in our home. We did the first, second floors and attic.”
Insulation installed into the floor space of an attic keeps the rest of the house more comfortable and helps your heating and cooling system be more efficient—saving you money on energy bills.

The Process: BlocPower develops a scope of work, secures rebates and identifies a contractor

“Russ did an excellent job answering all my questions and concerns. He never left me hanging while I was waiting for my rebate check…It was a pretty straightforward process, and the workers were easy to work with.”

The Results: Insulation improves comfort and lowers energy bills

“We noticed that we needed less heat on the colder days, and the house stayed cooler on the hotter days...This is a straightforward program and a rare help. I would recommend it.”

Learn more about National Grid's Total Home Comfort Program here. Ready to get started on a project? Connect with BlocPower today.

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Scope of Work: dense pack cellulose insulation on 1st and 2nd floor plus attic

Price: $5,700

Rebate: $3,981

Savings: 70%

Comfort: 100%

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