Civilian Climate Corps: Rikers Island Solar Installation

Civilian Climate Corps: Rikers Island Solar Installation

BlocPower's Civilian Climate Corps Completes Solar Install on Rikers Island

Watch the video below to see members of our climate tech workforce installing a solar carport on Rikers Island.

The BlocPower Civilian Climate Corps is training the climate tech workforce of the future, providing pathways to economic opportunity for over 1,000 New Yorkers from frontline communities. Recently, Civilian Climate Corps members installed a solar carport on Rikers Island, the location of a New York City Department of Corrections' jail complex.  The correctional facility is set to be closed by 2027, with a chorus of support to repurpose it as a hub for renewable energy. Besides constructing solar arrays like the one on Rikers Island, the Civilian Climate Corps is completing numerous additional projects including energy efficiency upgrades to buildings, air source heat pump installations, as well as the build-out of community WiFi networks.

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