The Top 9 Climate Solutions Podcasts of 2021: BlocPower Edition

The Top 9 Climate Solutions Podcasts of 2021: BlocPower Edition

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The end of 2021 is now upon us! ‘Tis the season for joy and love, right? The pandemic may have changed our plans this holiday, but BlocPower is here to provide you with the distraction or inspiration you need to make it through. Without further ado, here is our list of the top 9 climate solutions podcasts of the year! 

Top Climate Solutions Podcasts of 2021: BlocPower Edition

Watt It Takes - BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird Wants to Electrify Buildings for Everyone

  • This podcast is a great place to start if you want to understand BlocPower’s mission to clean up old, inefficient buildings in America’s cities — and help people who are exposed to the worst pollution. 

How To Survive - Electrify Everything

  • This podcast dives into how using electricity generated from renewable sources to power our homes is key to weaning us off our dependence on fossil fuels.The hosts interview BlocPower CEO and co-founder Donnel Baird, who stressed the urgency of electrification, “We must do that in order to navigate the worst impacts of climate change, the sooner, the better.” 

Climate Positive - Donnel Baird | Making buildings greener, healthier, and smarter for all

  • In this equally inspiring and entertaining conversation, the host does a deep dive with Donnel about how his professional experiences in community organizing and with the Obama Administration led him to his entrepreneurial efforts to decarbonize buildings in disadvantaged communities.They also discuss the best ways to ensure all communities—whether in neglected urban areas or deindustrialized rural areas—share in the economic benefits of a cleaner, greener economy. 

Experts Only - Experts Only Podcast #96: with Energy Efficiency Expert Cullen Kasunic

  • CFOs and finance guys aren’t usually the one’s featured on climate-related podcasts, but our Cullen Kasunic is breaking the mold. He discusses the importance of the unglamorous energy efficiency upgrades that are necessary to face down climate change and address climate justice issues. 

But Did It Work? - Powering City-Wide Connectivity through Private Networks

  • Maybe you’ve heard of the digital divide, where nearly 6% of the United States’ population, or 19 million people, don’t have access to broadband internet. But did you know its impact on our ability to electrify our country? In this podcast, you’ll hear from BlocPower’s Chief Revenue Officer, Glenn Schatz, explain how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be harnessed for good and the different market segments that have potential to be impacted by advancements in wireless technology.

My Climate Journey - Episode 161: Donnel Baird, Founder & CEO of BlocPower

  • A very approachable conversation for those who are looking to understand more about the climate crisis and how to help. You’ll hear about the best ways to accelerate the rapid adoption of green buildings and the psychology of paying bills. Learn about what’s holding back the industry  and the role the US plays in the climate emergency. 

Next City - In Conversation With The Black-Owned Startup Turning Buildings Into Teslas

  • After an interview with BlocPower General Manager and Co-Founder Keith Kinch became Next City’s most read article of the year, they invited him back for this fun and informative podcast. We know that time is running out to reduce our carbon footprint, but you’ll learn more about the role that buildings’ heating and cooling systems play, since 40% of carbon comes from them, as well as ideas on getting more people on board to switch from gas and oil to electricity. 

How I Raised It - How To Fit The Silicon Valley "Archetype" (even if you don't)

  • Innovative ideas make groundbreaking companies and CEO Donnel Baird broke every archetype to get the funding he needed to get BlocPower off the ground. Donnel is not your stereotypical startup founder - he's a Black, non-technical entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, but he's raised $68 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Kapor Capital and many others. Here's how he did it.

Passive House - Grace Park-Bradbury, BlocPower

  • Let’s hear it for the West Coast! Or at least BlocPower’s General Manager of the West Coast and Head of Strategic Initiatives, Grace Park-Bradbury. If you give this a listen, you’ll get to hear how to best take advantage of available incentives for electrification efforts and also how we work to ensure that health and comfort are not exclusively available to those with money.

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