Drafty, Aging Apartment With Uneven Heating

Drafty, Aging Apartment With Uneven Heating

This Brooklyn Apartment Got An Energy Efficiency Overhaul

This Brooklyn apartment was built prior to 1979 and had windows that were over 20 years old. Further, the entire heating system needed to be replaced. The building owner decided to work with BlocPower and upgrade to a modern, all-electric heating and cooling system to restore comfort to the tenants of the duplex unit.

The Challenge

  • The apartment had an old, inefficient natural gas heating system that was unreliable and contributed to poor indoor air quality
  • There were drafty windows that made it colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, dramatically decreasing energy efficiency.
  • Tenants frequently complained of uneven heating throughout the building.

The Solution 

  • BlocPower replaced the old natural gas system with 4 indoor unit of a ductless, mini-split heat pump.
  • Mini-split systems are usually paired with an outdoor unit as well. BlocPower installed 1 outdoor cold climate condenser unit to pair with the indoor components.
  • The entire installation required $0 down to maximize monthly savings.

Energy efficiency upgrades can be confusing but we’re here to help. BlocPower has helped over 1000 property owners in New York make their buildings smarter, healthier, and greener. See if your building is eligible.

The Results

$175 Monthly Payment

$15K Total Cost

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