Green Careers for New Yorkers Who Need Them Most

Green Careers for New Yorkers Who Need Them Most

The clean energy revolution is here, but we won’t achieve our climate goals without training the next generation of the green workforce. 

In the next decade across America, we can make our buildings smarter, greener and healthier by installing millions of heat pumps and solar arrays, induction ranges, electrical panels, insulation and weatherization upgrades. Today though, we do not have the skilled labor workforce to take advantage of this rush of good green jobs.  

Through the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), BlocPower is providing New Yorkers the training they need for clean energy careers—basic construction, OSHA 40, low voltage electrical, HVAC installation, EV charging and more—plus pathways to job placements. And the Civilian Climate Corps is committed to delivering opportunity where it is needed most—reaching historically disadvantaged communities, hit hardest by gun violence and facing environmental and economic injustice. To date, more than 80% of participants were previously unemployed or underemployed.

David Castillo, a graduate of the CCC, used the training he received to launch a new career path.

“Coming out at my age, there were very little jobs for me. Two years later, this workforce became available for me and my family.”

After being incarcerated as a teenager, David spent 25 years in the prison system and was challenged to find steady, living-wage work. He enrolled to receive construction and HVAC training with the Civilian Climate Corps. Following his completion of the program, BronxWorks hired David to their maintenance and construction team.

David’s drive to enter the green construction workforce motivated his family of 7 to follow suit and enroll in the CCC. Today, they are all graduates of the curriculum and employed as members of the climate tech workforce. 

“You have provided us an opportunity to embark on a journey full of life experiences and a long-lasting career.”

BlocPower aims to take the Civilian Climate Corps nationwide. If you’re ready to join the climate tech workforce powering the building electrification movement, or want to bring the CCC to your city, you can learn more here.