A Solar & HVAC Retrofit for a Multifamily Building

A Solar & HVAC Retrofit for a Multifamily Building

Classic New York City Real Estate Gets Energy Upgrades

This beautiful limestone apartment building is the quintessential New York City walk-up building, with three floors and eight units. After completing an energy efficiency study, they learned that BlocPower would be able to support their retrofitting needs.

The Challenge

  • The apartment building was plagued with very high energy bills year-round.
  • Drafty windows were causing cold, outdoor air to easily find its way into the building, decreasing the apartment's energy efficiency.
  • Because of an old and outdated HVAC system, the apartment was not being heated evenly, causing tenant complaints.

The Solution 

  • In one week’s time, each apartment received 6 indoor air source heat pumps and 2 outdoor units, totaling 18 outdoor units and 48 indoor units.
  • Over 80 solar panels were installed with dramatic savings due to BlocPower’s navigation of City and State’s incentive programs.

It's time to improve your building's efficiency. BlocPower offers a number of options to retrofit, electrify and improve your building's energy capability with affordable routes. To get started, answer a few questions about your building.

The Results 

$139K Total Cost

25,500 kWh Produced Annually 

$94K Saved With Incentives

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