Multifamily, Low-Rise Home With Heating System at the End of its Cycle

Multifamily, Low-Rise Home With Heating System at the End of its Cycle

This landmark building is a multifamily, low-rise home with 6 apartment units. Built in 1880, it has a lot of charm, but a heating system that was well over 20 years old. In partnership with BlocPower, they were able to easily unlock significant incentives to install modern energy efficient technology.

The Challenge 

  • Heating system at the end of its life cycle
  • Drafty windows 
  • Uneven heating – both climate and water temperature 

Old, inefficient heating systems paired with drafty windows can be a huge hit to a building's energy bill, causing you to pay more than necessary. BlocPower is here to lower energy costs and weatherize/insulate any leaks.

The Solution 

  • Heating system conversion to air source heat pump 
  • Hybrid heat pump water heater installation 
  • Weather stripping exterior windows
  • Upgrade common panel electrical service 

BlocPower completely transformed this low-rise multifamily home into an efficient, clean, electric building! Not only did we convert an old, inefficient fossil fuel based heating system to an electric air source heat pump, but we upgraded the water heater and insulated the windows. Now, the building can be heated and cooled with a reliable system and no leaking from any of the windows.

Energy efficiency upgrades can be confusing but we’re here to help. BlocPower has helped over 1000 property owners in New York make their buildings smarter, healthier, and greener. See if your building is eligible.

The Results 

$562 monthly payment – no money down 

53% projects savings 

$38.8K value of incentives

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