House of Worship With High Utility Costs

House of Worship With High Utility Costs

Washington, DC Community Hub Partners With BlocPower to Go Green

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church is a community hub in its Washington, DC neighborhood. The 12,481 square foot space includes the sanctuary, fellowship hall, computer room, office and a three-floor parsonage attached to the main building. They wanted to move toward a greener solution, so they partnered with BlocPower.

The Challenge

  • The heating in this large space was uneven, creating discomfort for visitors, staff and congregants in the colder months.
  • High utility costs were plaguing the church and building owner. 
  • The building owner had very little temperature control over each room, which further contributed to the lack of overall comfort.

The Solution

  • To replace the old heating and cooling system, BlocPower installed 4 5-ton heat pump systems and 1 2.5-ton system. 
  • For premium temperature control, 5 smart thermostats were also installed – 1 for each area. 
  • The entire installation required $0 down to maximize monthly savings.

It's time to improve your building's efficiency. BlocPower offers a number of options to retrofit, electrify and improve your building's energy capability with affordable routes. To get started, answer a few questions about your building.

The Results

$650 Monthly Payment

32% Project Savings

$21K Incentives Total

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