Multifamily Apartment Parsonage With Inefficient Steam Heating

Multifamily Apartment Parsonage With Inefficient Steam Heating

Cornerstone Baptist has been serving the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn since 1930. The church also owns a 2,900 square foot multifamily building as its parsonage, with seven bedrooms and one living room. The building has 6 floors, with the daycare on the first 3 floors. The building is 31,615 sq. ft. The daycare needed a lighting upgrade for the gym and struggled with high utility costs. It was heated previously with a central steam boiler system fueled by oil. The building was cooled with in-window AC units, which caused inefficient cooling and air leakage. BlocPower's no-money-down lease option and ASHPs came to the rescue!

The Challenges

  • Inefficient steam heating 
  • End of lifecycle in-window AC units

The poor condition of the fossil fuel based HVAC equipment led to interruptions in church services! In-window AC units are unreliable and and inefficient way to cool a space.

The Solution 

  • Ductless air source heat pump install in 7 bedrooms + living room 
  • Upgrade existing electrical service 

We help lower your operating costs. Our systems are famously efficient and low maintenance. Smart monitoring ensures reliable performance. We offer a 15-year performance guarantee included with the BlocPower Lease. Get started today.

The Results 

$500 monthly lease, no money down

40% project savings 

$48K incentives value

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