Landlord of Oakland Apartment Maintaining Tenant Satisfaction

Landlord of Oakland Apartment Maintaining Tenant Satisfaction

The landlord and lifelong resident of West Oakland wanted to eliminate on-site fossil fuel use in her building without passing on the costs to her tenants. She partnered with BlocPower to maintain below-market rents while improving health and comfort.

The Challenge 

  • “Leaky” building
  • Old, inefficient and unhealthy heating and cooling system 

Tenant satisfaction is a huge part of being a building owner! The landlord of this West Oakland apartment understood that challenge, wanting to improving energy efficiency without making tenants pay the price for upgrades. BlocPower easily guides building owners through this process, maximizing lease benefits.

The Solution 

  • Mini-split heat pump and smart thermostat 
  • Electric hot water heater 
  • Weather-proofing insulation

After figuring out the most energy efficient upgrade option, BlocPower installed a mini-split heat pump. With a mini-split heat pump, there is one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. Mini-splits are small and offer flexibility with indoor design placement. Eliminating fossil fuel use from a building also means upgrading any oil or gas water heaters. We're on it! Finally, weather-proofing is a vital part of improving energy costs and efficiency. A "leaky" building is the equivalent of throwing your money away every month. BlocPower will insulate and weather-proof so you don't have to.

BlocPower specializes in air source heat pump system design and installation. Since 2012, our team has completed energy projects in nearly 1,000 buildings and our proprietary software provides building owners with advanced monitoring tools for tracking energy consumption and optimizing efficiency.

If you’re ready to save 20–40% on energy costs—and provide your tenants with dependable heating and cooling—BlocPower is ready to help. Get started by answering a few quick questions about your building.

The Results 

$100 monthly payment – no money down

20% projects savings 

$1,000 annual cash flow saving 

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