Church With Old, Inefficient Oil Boiler Heating System

Church With Old, Inefficient Oil Boiler Heating System

A Community Hub Built in 1913 Gets Energy Retrofit – And Major Savings

Bright Light Baptist Church is located in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. Built in 1913, the church was purchased in 1968 but has recently been plagued with numerous cost and performance issues related to the heating system. 

The Challenge 

  • Old, inefficient oil boiler heating system 
  • High utility costs to heat such a large space

The Solution 

  • BlocPower project managed numerous contractors to install 14 air source heat pumps along with a 28-ton outdoor unit to effectively and efficiently heat and cool this large space. 
  • BlocPower’s innovative, flexible financing offerings allowed Bright Light to unlock all energy incentives and significant project savings — all for $0 down.

BlocPower's expertise enables building owners to take advantage of energy incentives, and with flexible financing options, we’re ready to help you install a modern electric system. Get started by answering a few quick questions about your building.

The Results 

$450 Monthly Payment

46% Project Savings 

$35K Incentives Total

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