Successful Start to Civilian Climate Corps: Green Workforce by the Numbers

Successful Start to Civilian Climate Corps: Green Workforce by the Numbers

In September, BlocPower announced its Pathways Civilian Climate Corps program, a modern day Civilian Conservation Corps focused on the climate crisis. 

Designed to build the climate tech workforce that America needs to power the clean energy and building modernization revolution, the program addresses a shortage of skilled construction labor, a primary blocker to advancing climate and infrastructure policy agendas.

The first phase of the initiative, a $37MM, 1,500 person program in partnership with the New York City Office of the Mayor, began in earnest less than two months ago. Already, the program is producing real results and success stories. 

As of early October, BlocPower and its partners have engaged over 1,300 individuals in gun-violence impacted neighborhoods across the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. More than 600 participants are in Pathways training cohorts, where they receive OSHA training and develop practical job readiness skills including resume building, workplace socialization, interview preparation, and professional communication. 

By November, the total is expected to approach 1,000, an incredible feat that speaks to both the demand for good jobs within these communities and the desire from employers to build a climate tech labor force. 

After completing classroom training with their cohort, trainees advance to job-site placements. To date, over 90 individuals have progressed to this stage where their work includes supporting installation of air source heat pumps as part of building electrification projects, constructing community Wi-Fi networks and completing 3D modeling of buildings to reduce soft-costs and project timelines.

Pathways: Civilian Climate Corps, 2021                                                                                                    Civilian Conservation Corps enrollee, 1940

Employer partners include Augmented Construction, Tauris Tech as well as VRF Solutions, which has already brought on 9 trainees as full time hires. BlocPower is working closely with several community organizations, including Elite Learners, the Haitian American Caucus and Gentlemen’s Factory, who support construction skills and life skills training, as well as trauma based case management. 
You can learn more about our Pathways program here, or contact us for more information.