Uneven Heating and Cooling: A Single Family Home Solution

Uneven Heating and Cooling: A Single Family Home Solution

New York City Three Bedroom Home Replaces the Oil Boiler Heating System – No Money Down

Located just north of New York City, this 2,090 square foot, three-bedroom home needed to replace an aging oil boiler heating system. They wanted more control over the temperature of their living areas, but weren't prepared to pay for the conversion entirely out of pocket. Luckily, BlocPower's lease payment option came to the rescue.

The Challenge 

  • An old, inefficient oil boiler heating system providing uneven heat causing discomfort to the residents.
  • Although eager for a replacement, the family was hesitant paying upfront.

The Solution 

  • BlocPower and Green Star Energy Solutions partnered up to install a high efficiency Fujitsu Halcyon air source heat pump HVAC system.
  • This system installation included 7 individual zones: 4 zones for the second floor, and 3 zones on the first floor. Each zone had an individual wall mounted controller with a temperature sensor installed, allowing the residents to easily track indoor temperatures.
  • BlocPower was able to offer a no-money-down lease on equipment and installation.
  • As always, BlocPower maximized all incentives, which, when combined with the monthly energy savings, resulted in a very affordable monthly payment.

BlocPower's expertise enables building owners to take advantage of energy incentives, and with flexible financing options, we’re ready to help you install a modern electric heating and cooling system. Get started by answering a few quick questions about your building.

The Results 

$300 Monthly Payment

50% Energy Savings

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