White House Sustainability Speaker Series With BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird

White House Sustainability Speaker Series With BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird

BlocPower founder and CEO Donnel Baird joined Federal Chief Sustainability Officer Andrew Mayock as part of a Sustainability Speaker Series through the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

The two discussed the opportunity for the United States to lead in fighting climate change by electrifying communities, including BlocPower's work to electrify buildings across Ithaca, NY and Menlo Park, CA—and to build the green workforce of the future through the Civilian Climate Corps.

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Selected Remarks:

"We often talk about sustainability in this really high level, jargon-heavy terminology. You've made this real. You make this real by telling your own story, by telling the story of the communities you're working in, showing us the buildings in those communities, the people you're employing and the opportunities beyond that. I can't think of a better way to illustrate impact than what you've provided us today." —Andrew Mayock, Federal Chief Sustainability Officer

"I went to Glasgow, I went to the climate negotiations for the first time, and it was amazing to get there and see people from all over the world that had devoted their entire career, their lives to climate. They were there to push forward a global deal—but what was needed, then and now, was for the Americans to set the tempo on what's possible to achieve in this moment. I'm so excited about the opportunity we have as Americans to really lead the world and lead this nation forward on climate change." —Donnel Baird, BlocPower founder and CEO

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