BlocPower™ Raises $63 Million to
Turn Urban Buildings Into Teslas™

 Funding Fuels Expansion to Scale Projects Across the U.S. to Address Climate Change,
High Unemployment Rates, Public Health Concerns, and Economic Inequality
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"Greening America’s inner-city buildings is a critical part of protecting our planet and ensuring a brighter, healthier, more equitable future for everyone. BlocPower™ is showing the world how it can be done, but more importantly, why it must be done."

Mitch Kapor
Kapor Capital

"BlocPower™ is proving that it is possible to have commercial solutions that improve public health in underserved communities, create quality jobs and lower carbon emissions. We are so proud to have supported Donnel and his team...through both equity and debt capital to further expand their reach."

Margaret Anadu
Managing Director and Head of the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group

“One of the key questions we wrestle with is how do we help create generational wealth for underrepresented and undercapitalized people and communities in America? Climate change has the potential to devastate at-risk communities. We envision the potential to transition to clean energy as an opportunity to invest in those same communities and their people. With the investment the AmFam Institute has made in BlocPower, we believe Donnel Baird and his team can turn that vision into reality.”

John McIntyre
Managing Director of the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact
“BlocPower’s™ success will demonstrate equitable climate change mitigation can be achieved in a financially sustainable and thoughtful manner.”

Louis Kang
Managing Director of AccelR8