BlocPower can support utilities with our extensive electrification services

BlocPower is the leading expert in building electrification and can help utilities achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for all customer classes. In addition to utilizing cutting edge software to reduce energy waste, BlocPower has the capacity to create good, green jobs.

A tenant in a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City enjoying the comfort provided by an air source heat pump
Construction worked trained in BlocPower's Civilian Climate Corps prepare to install an outdoor unit of an air source heat pump in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, NY

We install electric, Internet-connected appliances and equipment for homes and buildings, including cold climate air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, induction stoves, solar, electric thermal storage, battery storage and electrical upgrades.

As a Black-founded business that centers its work in low- and moderate-income communities, BlocPower also manages workforce development programs utilizing local M/WBE networks.

Partner with BlocPower to upgrade buildings with modern, all-electric technology today.


How can I partner with BlocPower?

Electrify all Customer Classes in Your Service Area

We are a one-stop-shop to help utilities manage their goals to convert fossil-fuel burning buildings to modern, all-electric buildings. BlocPower will install new systems with low or little upfront cost to the building owner. The owner will then make fixed monthly lease payments to BlocPower.

Access BlocMaps to Scale Energy Projects

We integrate software and data analytics into our project services to scale building electrification in your company’s service area. BlocMaps streamlines the process of greening buildings, helping you improve outcomes for low- to moderate income and environmental justice communities, and meet your project goals.

Creating Local Green Jobs with M/WBE Networks

Through our Civilian Climate Corps model, we provide green workforce development training and help contractors gain access to workers who are ready for the green energy transition. We recruit workers from communities on the frontlines of climate change, who are most in need of these projects.

What can a partnership with BlocPower look like?

Construction workers trained in BlocPower's Civilian Climate Corps install solar panels on the roof of a building in Staten Island, New York

Upgrading Brooklyn’s Aging Buildings to Reduce Demand

BlocPower worked with the NYC Mayor’s Office and ConEd to reduce electricity demand in the Brooklyn Queens Demand Management (BQDM) through energy upgrades. The goal was to do 500 retrofits in 3 years. BlocPower delivered ahead of time with more than 650 upgraded buildings.

A BlocPower construction and installation expert inspects and maintains a customer's air source heat pump indoor unit

Greening the Bronx with Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

BlocPower partnered with NYSERDA to convert hundreds of multi-family building owners in the Bronx from fossil fuel to clean heating and cooling systems. BlocPower provided engineering, project management, customer education, and financing for building owners

BlocPower's Civilian Climate Corps trains people in the next generation of green, clean jobs, including electric vehicle charging station maintenance

Educating Young People on Green Workforce Opportunities

BlocPower partnered with National Grid and NYSERDA to provide heat pump awareness training for hundreds of low-income young people in New York City and Long Island, all in effort to develop skills for the clean energy workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers pay for these upgrades?

An Energy Service Agreement (ESA) is an appealing financing option for energy efficiency projects where the service provider pays for the upfront costs of the equipment and performs both routine and emergency maintenance. ESA contracts include standard, predictable payments, while the building owner benefits immediately from modern equipment, a better tenant experience and generally lower energy costs. The equipment acts as the collateral, so an ESA doesn’t require a lien on the building.

How does BlocPower’s software, BlocMaps, work with utilities?

BlocMaps is a building analytics and program design tool. It allows a utility’s sustainability team to design and simulate citywide building electrification or energy efficiency programs with an environmental justice focus so that they can set their programs up for success.
BlocMaps has three components:
  • a curated buildings database,
  • predictive data models, and
  • software for data analysis and visualization.
This combination of insights and analysis tools enable program owners to prioritize project opportunities based on their  greenhouse gas emissions reduction and environmental justice goals, and predict and present the aggregate impact and cost of executing these projects. Learn more about BlocMaps here.