Pathways: BlocPower's
Civilian Climate Corps

Building the climate tech workforce America needs to power the clean energy and building modernization revolution

Why join our climate tech jobs program?
  • Earn competitive wages throughout the program, including during training sessions prior to onsite work

  • Receive valuable, transferable technical training that prepares you for a career in the rapidly growing field of green construction

  • Connect to employers who want to hire employees with the skills the training program helps you develop, while augmenting your ability on real job sites
Build a high-demand skill set and connect to good jobs in a rapidly growing sector
Tap a job ready workforce trained specifically for your projects and job sites 
Participating employer partner benefits
  • Access to a BlocPower-trained talent pipeline primed to work in clean energy and broadband technologies

  • Customized training programs tailored to match your workforce needs

  • No employer costs throughout the training program

  • Workforce diversification, ESG leadership, and high profile goodwill
BlocPower co-founder & CEO Donnel Baird:
BlocPower stands ready to help at-risk young adults by introducing them to rewarding careers in clean energy and broadband technologies. 
This program addresses systemic social, economic and environmental injustices that impact low-income neighborhoods and people of color.
The Precision Employment Initiative

BlocPower has received a multi-million dollar contract from the New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) to train up to 1,000 young professionals to install cutting-edge clean energy and broadband technologies. 

The Precision Employment Initiative (PEI)—a 6-month training program focused on communities at high risk of gun violence—will expand, diversify, and strengthen New York City’s clean energy workforce.

Utilize infrastructure and ARPA
funds to “build back better,” while advancing racial, economic, and environmental justice 

Frequently Asked Questions

After completing the program, what types of job opportunities will I have?

There are numerous and growing opportunities in the green construction field. In fact, there is a shortage of qualified workers, putting program graduates in a great position to quickly find a well paying, full time job.

What are employer partners responsible for?

Just provide the project sites and your areas of need, and we do the rest—including insurance coverage and transportation to and from the job site.

What happens at the conclusion of the program?

We strive to help build a workforce that fulfills the long term needs of employees in the community. Our aim is to prepare employees for full time work and to partner with employees ready to hire.