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Our team has helped hundreds of building owners utilize government programs to purchase and install modern heating and lighting systems for a fraction of the sticker price. BlocPower™ customers typically save at least 30% on utility bills.

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Example Projects

A selection of our completed retrofit projects. Click to learn more about their financial, environmental, and social benefits. Thank you for investing in your community, creating green jobs and combating climate change.

Air Source Heat Pumps
Oil Boiler Conversion to Air Source Heat Pumps
Heat Pump and Solar

Save money by making your building greener and more energy efficient today!

More ideas for utility-savings and getting your building off of fossil fuels. Click on a measure to learn more, and talk to our team about next steps for installation.

Insulate your heating & hot water pipes

Insulation prevents heat from being lost as it travels from the boiler to the radiators. When more heat can reach the radiator, the boiler can run for shorter periods of time, saving energy and money.

Get a Cool Roof installed to save on your bills

Cool roofs utilize reflective paints, sheet coverings, tiles, or shingles to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. Cool roofs decrease the cooling requirement of the building and can increase the lifetime of the roof.

Get roof insulation installed today

A poorly insulated roof lets cold air in during the winter and hot air in during the summer resulting in higher heating and cooling requirements. Insulation can be applied in intermediate roof spaces like attics or in ceilings, or can be added during a roof replacement.

Easily upgrade to low-flow fixtures

Flow fixtures refer to sink faucets, shower heads, and toilets. Low flow fixtures use high pressure techniques to produce a strong or equal flow of water with less water compared to older, traditional fixtures.

Weather-strip your doors & windows

Weatherstripping is the process of sealing the areas around doors, windows, and A/C units to prevent air from seeping in and heat from leaking out of the building. Limiting undesired infiltration of air reduces the demand for additional heat and keeps tenants more comfortable.

Sign up for community solar today

Solar panels harness the clean, plentiful energy of the sun to produce electricity for your building, reducing emissions from burning fossil fuels and decreasing dependency on electrical grids.
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